Why I Try to Keep My Herbal Products So Affordable

Health is the most important aspect of life. Without it you don’t have life. With low energy you can’t go out and experience all the things life has to offer. I believe health is a human right along with: food, clothing. shelter, education, transportation, and technology. We should not be slaves to labor just to survive. We have the resources to allow everyone to live in perfect health together without useless labor. Robotics has come so far they can even automate most of the farming. It is hard for me to understand how we can build skyscrapers yet millions are homeless and sick!

With this being said, I try my best to keep my products affordable for everyone. I feel offering low prices for health is my gift of everything to the people. With health you can then have everything you put your mind and efforts to. I strongly believe the way money is currently used “greed” is one of the largest mistakes man has made. It has created separation of poor to rich, greed, and useless materialistic desires. If everyone did what they loved, we would be inhabiting planets lightyears away by now.

When someone is sick the last thing they have is money. They are unable to work which then ruins their lives. Emergency visits for a measly sprained wrist costs thousands of dollars, you’re paying it off for the next 5 years or more in some cases. For someone disabled, they have nothing left after that emergency to help get their health back on track after an accident and let’s face it, everyone has an accident. Lots of health products and services cost way too much. You’re usually paying for the name, not the quality.

Some claim to be selling extracts when in fact they are just powdered forms of herbs that still weigh the same and do the same as uncut herbs. I refuse to put my face on a product and ramp up the price just for financial gain. Instead I will do whatever it takes to keep prices low for the sake of anyone struggling in life. I have been there. Lack of funds for herbs to heal myself slowed down my progress by a decade.

If you ever find me losing touch with my morals, remind me with my own article right here.

Take into consideration some products are just damn expensive. Medicinal mushrooms are a good example. Reishi can range from $20-$60 per pound for herbalists if the supplier is not out of stock. After making formulas, packaging and online fees the prices get extremely expensive.  I try to make sure the essentials are affordable to everyone and I also make sure the luxury herbs are worth selling. If the benefits are not worth it I don’t even bother selling them.

Here is my list of essentials to health. I try my best to sell herbs associated with this list.

  • Immunity
  • Lymph
  • Endocrine
  • Kidneys and Adrenals
  • Liver
  • Bowels
  • Nutrition
  • Antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic
  • Antiinflammatory
  • Mood enhancement

Vibes Are Not Only Felt, They Are Seen

People often believe that vibes are only felt and not shown. That you should not judge someone based off of their looks and only trust your intuition. I actually disagree with this. It is true vibes are felt but there is one thing that is missing. Vibes are exactly that, vibrations. Vibrations create shape and are physically shown in our bodies. This has been proven through the research of Cymatics. Frequencies have the ability to affect the physical structure of our bodies from water to the minerals and cells we have as seen in the image above.

Though these vibrations are not strong such as acoustic vibrations they are still happening. Over time they physically affect us. This is a useful tool to learn that the physical features of the human body express the long term thought process of the body, mind, and spirit. We can use this to our advantage. We can not only feel but also see what we are dealing with. This has been pinpointed down to a science but is still very difficult. Micro expressions are physical movements of the body in a short period of time. Usually within the fraction of a second. That is the frequency of a thought or a vibe. There is also long term expressions from diseases and emotions. We have all seen the grumpy old man. You look at him and you can tell he had a tough life and just wants peace and quiet now. The structure of his face shows anger even when he’s not angry. This is a vibe from long term thoughts that ended up physically affecting the body.

So how do we attract similar vibes? We do this by the way we present ourselves. I purposely wear a copper laced crystal necklace when I go in public along with clothes that help express who I am as a person. Vibes do not have to always be just the body. It can be your clothes, car, house, garden, art, photography, etc… People notice these things before they feel anything. This is the way we are mainly judged. Vibes come as a second tool especially when you see someone that looks appealing but turns out to be mentally off. I will argue that there is always something showing even in those that try to hide their internal frequencies or thoughts.

Our souls have frequencies which are emitted through our physical body. Our body shows our current state of soul resonance.

A perfect example of thoughts into physical reality can be seen in the video below.

Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins: Life Is Happening for You, Not to You.

Life is happening for you, not to you. Everything we experience can be a lesson instead of torture. Instead of complaining, we should appreciate the experiences and learn from them no matter how painful. We remember our failures the most for a reason and that reason is to learn from them. Being sick has taught me to cherish life more and the lives of others. Something I never thought I would appreciate is family. Not just the family I want to create but other families and the importance of them for you and others. Along this appreciation journey I was able to find a way to help alleviate my health challenges “my torture”. THUS birthed my health channel and passion which now has an impact on lives all around the world.

These are a select few thoughts that were provoked by listening to Tim’s podcast. It helped me ease out of a dark place that I’ve been in and I think it could help you too.


Urban Survivor Tips

This is still a draft. Feel free to read it anyhow. Maybe even contribute ideas if you’d like.

I will admit a lot of the tips I provide are common sense. It is indeed common sense that we need to relook from time to time. Even professionals built their foundation with the basics and go back to the basics daily! The whole idea behind writing these tips is to remind yourself of the moral standards you hold in life whether it be for diet or lifestyle in general.

Skim through whatever topic you feel interested in the moment. Don’t push my beliefs on yourself. Chose what you believe in!!

The shame of fame

  1. Don’t worry about celebrities personal lives. Worry about your family, your life. Your family is more famous and meaningful to you than a celebrity.
  2. If someone outside of your circle dies, such as a celebrity, don’t let it ruin your day. There are about 6,987,000,000 people on earth right now. About 55.3 million people die each year. Don’t spend your life worrying about everyone’s deaths. Focus on your community. Focus on the ones you can physically touch and speak to. The ones that have an impact in your life. This does not mean you cannot cry and feel sad for a celebrity to die. Have a good cry and cherish the art they created for us. Cry, move on, live YOUR LIFE!


  1. Respect all forms of dieting that are different than yours. Have a diversity of friends with different diets but also some with a similar diet.
  2. Never fat shame someone to shame them into weight loss. It doesn’t work and only makes things worse for them. Its bullying.
  3. Never tell someone your diet is better.
  4. Never give dieting advice to someone that did not ask for it.
  5. Be healthy if you want your friends and family to be healthy. Do not tell them to be healthy. There are occasional exceptions! It is okay to tell mom that she needs to quit smoking or other addictions.
  6. Reduce oxalate consumption. Sorry! Spinach and kale are not that super!!
  7. Add herbal spices such as garlic to your foods.


  1. Get in shape, not ripped.
  2. Increase mobility, strength, flexibility and reaction time. Martial arts is my favorite way. “Shaolin Kung Fu”
  3. Don’t completely exhaust yourself. It puts stress on the adrenals and immune system.
  4. Running is not the only form of exercise.
  5. Qigong , taichi or yoga are all great for general physical well being.


  1. Do you watch the news or research topics? Learn all the facts, look at both sides of the argument. Reduce emotional attraction to the subject and follow facts not opinions.


  1. Add herbal spices such as garlic to your foods. “Its on the list twice I know”
  2. Find your top 5 herbs.
  3. Do a parasite cleanse. We are all infected.