Tips to Having a Greener Lawn

  • Don’t bag when you mow. Don’t be that guy. Gardeners secretly hate you!
  • If you do use a bag on the mower use the clippings to make compost or even better compost tea and then spray the lawn.
  • Keep it tall. Keep your grass tall to lower the risk of your lawn drying out and looking like you live in the desert. This is why I am the only one with a green lawn in the 90 deg weather.
  • Plant fruit trees to shade your lawn from the hot sun. I’m a strong believer in planting edible trees.
  • Mulch the leaves into your grass don’t rake them out. “don’t burn leaves either sigh…” My neighbors burn leaves when they live in the woods!
  • If you still insist to bag all your lawns nourishment donate it to a local gardener or farmer. They will enjoy it even if you don’t.
  • Or best yet, dig up the grass and only grow edibles.
  • Try someĀ Cutting Edge nutrientsĀ or other fertilizers but please don’t fertilize if you live near sitting water. Sitting water “ponds and lakes” will be overfed nutrients and cause an imbalance in the ecosystem.